The copper beech becomes tree of the year 2022

05. November 2021

For us, beech (Fagus sylvatica) is our most important raw material. We process approximately 11,000 solid cubic meters per year, sustainably harvested in our area, into our beautiful shaped and solid wood. In addition to the furniture industry, its hard wood is also used in the construction, parquet and paper industries.

The copper beech is considered sturdy, heat tolerant and climate resilient. It prefers humid, warm climate, relatively mild winters and high rainfall. However, due to the climate-induced drought of recent years, it is now showing signs of disease. This was the deciding factor for the Dr. Silvius Wodarz Foundation to bring the beech into the public eye as Tree of the Year 2022.

The beech trunk can grow up to 45 m high with a diameter of 150 cm and an age of up to 350 years! With a share of 16 percent, copper beech is the most common hardwood tree species in Germany. Its share is constantly growing because it plays a central role in forest conversion to mixed forests. By the way, just now in autumn, the beech trees show an impressive discoloration of the leaves. Enjoy a bit of “Indian Summer” with a nice walk in our woods!

You can also find out more about the amazing properties of beech and its great importance for the environment in our compendium.

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