Because we love wood: <br>
Our know-how about the production of solid wood
Because we love wood:
Our know-how about the production of solid wood

Solid wood

With passion, naturally.

In our factory in Suceagu, Cluj, Romania, we offer you the complete execution of orders even in the solid wood sector: We apply and process moulded wood or Formfleece components or create complete products out of solid wood. From small quantities to large series.

From consulting to logistics. Our machinery includes classic woodworking machines and modern, multi-axis CNC machining centres. Besides beech, oak, ash and American walnut we also process other spieces.

Production steps in the processing of solid wood.

How a chair is made in our company.



We process European woods such as oak, beech and ash from sustainably managed forests certified according to the FSC standard. We also offer other types of wood, such as American walnut.



No two trees are the same. Therefore, great importance is attached to the wood qualities already at the cutting stage. It is sorted according to class A and B during frame construction.



We realize complex molded parts made of solid wood very efficiently with our new machinery. Classic woodworking machines and fast-setting multi-axis CNC machines are available for this purpose.


Component assembly

Specially manufactured assembly jigs are used for the precise and stable gluing of the components such as frame. 



The desired color shades and gloss level are determined individually with the customer on the basis of paint samples.



If you wish, we can supplement your products with components made of molded wood, molded fleece or other materials, and we will also be happy to pack your furniture in your cardboard boxes.

Becker know-how

Answers to your questions


Are you able to produce prototypes?

Based on our many years of experience in prototype construction, we are happy to produce models from solid wood. In our development workshop we are able to realise your ideas very quickly by using our seat simulator. Ten qualified experts process samples, build prototypes and fixtures.

Why should we be involved in development at an early stage?

Experience has shown that the costs of the end product are significantly influenced, especially at the beginning of the development process. With our longstanding expertise, we can set the course for an optimised price-performance ratio.

Which file formats can you use?

Our designers are specialised in Rhino 6, AutoCAD 2020 and Creo 6.0. However, many of the common file formats can also be used.


Which types of wood can you process?

The most popular type of wood at the moment is oak. American walnut is also in great demand. Furthermore, we produce solid wood mouldings from maple, beech and ash.

What applications are there for solid wood?

The many advantages of solid wood are best used in furniture construction. Solid wood is particularly suitable for chair frame construction, but also for beds and tables.

How much do the types of wood weigh per cubic metre?

The following weights refer to air-dried wood with 12-15% humidity: oak 770 kg/m³, beech 720 kg/m³, American walnut 580-800 kg/m³, maple 600-700 kg/m³ and ash 650-800 kg/m³.

Where does the raw wood come from?

Our purchasing regions are right on our doorstep in Romania. We obtain all European types of wood from there. American walnut, as the name suggests, comes from North America.

How long will the timber stocks actually last?

Beech, oak, maple and ash come from sustainable Romanian forestry. Sustainability means that the amount of wood that is harvested is limited to the quantity of wood that can grow back at the same time. The Romanian forests are certified according to the requirements of the FSC ("Forest Stewardship Council") seal of quality. In Romania, 42% of the forest area (2.8 million hectares) is already certified.


Which products do you manufacture from solid wood?

We are happy to manufacture all chair components such as back legs, front legs, frames and armrests, as well as bed studs and table bases (except table tops).

What delivery times should I expect?

For order-related production: Four to six weeks, depending on the batch size. With our flex-order system, a quicker delivery is possible for correspondingly large order sizes. We also have storage capacity to be able to react quickly to your requirements.

Which types of wood can you process?

The most popular wood species at the moment is oak. American walnut is also in great demand. We also produce solid wood mouldings from maple, beech and ash, among others.

What is the minimum purchase quantity?

The minimum purchase quantity is usually 125 pieces per order.

Is there a maximum dimension?

So far we have been able to cover all requests for products. Please contact us.

Is it possible to have upholstery work done by you?

If a model is to be made completely, we can also do simple upholstery. The fabrics are provided by the customer.

Which surface finishing do you offer?

Our paint shop has spray booths and drying ovens for finishing. We mix transparent or opaque water-based paint according to your colour requirements. Through the use of wood stain an infinite number of colours can be achieved. Your product can also be oiled and waxed.

Do you also assemble complete chairs?

We can also assemble solid wood mouldings with other components made of moulded wood, plastic, steel or aluminium for you. All you need to do is take care of the distribution.

Can you also pack complete furniture in our boxes?

On request, we can pack your articles in your cardboard boxes, label them and palletise them according to customer specifications.