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Solid wood

Complete order execution also with solid wood: In our plant in Suceagu, Cluj, Romania, we manufacture complete products from solid wood. In addition, we also produce solid wood components and frames there, which can be supplemented with the use and processing of molded wood or molded fleece on request. Here, too, we offer you all batch sizes from small quantities to large series and are there for you from the initial consultation to all logistics issues.

Our machinery includes classic woodworking machines as well as modern, multi-axis CNC machining centers. Besides beech, oak, ash and American walnut, we also process other woods. Feel free to contact us!

Ideal building material for furniture and more

Positive material properties of solid wood

Furniture made of solid wood can withstand all stresses for many years.
Natural beauty
Solid wood furniture has an aura that makes it unique.
Pleasant haptics
Solid wood radiates a pleasant warmth. It just feels good.
Guaranteed environmentally friendly
Our renewable raw material is sourced exclusively from sustainably managed forests and is FSC certified.
Low investment
In the production process, only a few devices are needed for machining and assembly of solid wood.
Ageing resistant
Polyester fibers have good resistance to environmental influences such as light and UV radiation, microorganisms or insects. Nonwovens are very robust and meet high demands, such as those of the automotive industry, which stipulates a service life of several decades.
Attractive wood species
The trendy wood species at the moment is oak, American walnut is also in great demand. In addition, we also produce components from beech, maple and ash.
Wide range of design options
Solid wood offers creative people and designers endless design possibilities.
Guaranteed free of pollutants
Solid wood does not contain potentially harmful substances compared to other materials.
Easy care
Solid wood furniture is scratch resistant and easy to clean.
Ecological material
Wood is renewable and, when used as furniture, continues to bind climate-damaging carbon dioxide for decades.
Flame retardant
Solid wood components can be painted flame retardant according to DIN 4102 (B1).

Because we love wood:
Solid wood processing as an overall concept

We have always been enthusiastic about our material and the many possibilities that wood offers us – and you! – offers.

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Raw wood and cutting

In the solid wood sector, we primarily use European woods such as oak, beech and ash from sustainably managed forests, each of which is certified according to the FSC standard. In addition, we offer other types of wood for processing, such as American walnut. Each tree is different, and we attach great importance to quality. In this way, we sort the wood already during cutting. For frame construction, for example, we sort and use wood in quality classes A and B.

CNC machining

We can realize complex molded parts made of solid wood very efficiently with our new machinery. For this purpose, classic woodworking machines as well as fast-setting, multi-axis CNC machines are available.

Component assembly

For the precise and stable gluing of components such as frames, we use special assembly jigs manufactured in-house.

Surface finish

Whether oiled or water-based lacquered: In terms of color, we always adapt exactly to the customer’s wishes.


On request, we can supplement your products with components made of molded wood, molded fleece or other materials. We are also happy to take care of packing and palletizing of your furniture.

That’s what a tree does – per day!

Did you know that a beech tree renews up to 20m3 of air per day? Means: Among other things, it absorbs the CO2 from this amount and produces 5 kg of oxygen (O2) instead. In the process, it stores about 6 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) and also evaporates up to 400 liters of water.

Solid wood at its best
Inspiring solutions for complete furniture and components

on spot
Hersteller: Sedus Stoll
Design: Judith Daur (Sedus Design Team)
The four-legged frame made of oak is built to withstand all loads. The focus was on the corner connection between the cross frame and the legs.
Hersteller: Venjakob
Design: Inhouse
The central underframe concentrates all forces at one point. There also sits a rotating mechanism that always puts the padded plywood parts in the right position.
Hersteller: Venjakob
Design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger
The oak frame is designed to be sturdy enough to withstand a large load on the armrest. The cross-sections are nevertheless kept thin and have a crowned profile.
Hersteller: Davis
Design: Jehs und Laub
This elegant bar stool combines solid wood for the legs, plywood for the frames and 3D molded wood for the seat. The thin seat is invisibly best-fixed on the underside with a special fitting solution.

Good to know:
Solid wood at Becker Brakel.

For more detailed knowledge about the use and processing of solid wood at Becker Brakel, you will find the most frequently asked questions and most important information here.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Basic info solid wood development

Based on our many years of experience in prototyping, we are happy to produce models from solid wood. In our development workshop we are able to realize your ideas very quickly by using our seat simulator. In addition, we have a large team of qualified experts who process samples and build prototypes and jigs.

In our experience, it is precisely the prelude to the development process that has a decisive influence on the cost of the end product. The better we communicate from the beginning, the better we can jointly implement the necessary steps towards optimal price-performance ratio.

Our designers are specialized in AutoCAD LT2020 (.dwg and .dxf), Creo 6.0 (.prt), Rhinoceros 7 (.3dm) Mastercam. However, you are also welcome to provide us with your data in other common file formats such as .step or .iges.

Solid wood: material from sustainable forestry

The trendy type of wood at the moment is oak. American walnut is also in great demand. In addition, we produce solid wood moldings from maple, beech and ash.

The many advantages of solid wood are mainly used in furniture construction, especially in the construction of chair frames. For the construction of beds and tables solid wood is also very suitable.

The following weights refer to air-dried wood with 12-15% moisture content: oak 770 kg/m³, beech 720 kg/m³, American walnut 580-800 kg/m³, maple 600-700 kg/m³ and ash 650-800 kg/m³.

Our purchasing regions are located in Romania right on the doorstep of our plants. From there we obtain all European wood species. American walnut is imported from North America.

Beech, oak, maple and ash come from sustainable Romanian forestry. Sustainability means that only as much wood is harvested as will grow back at the same time. The Romanian forests are certified according to the requirements of the FSC (“Forest Stewardship Council”) seal of quality. In Romania, a total of 42% of the forest area (2.8 million hectares) is already certified accordingly.

Solid wood production: numerous possibilities for your product

We are happy to manufacture all chair components for you, such as back legs, front legs, frames, as well as armrests and arm rests, and bed legs, table legs, as well as table tops.

Depending on the batch size, order-related production usually takes four to six weeks. For appropriate order sizes, faster delivery is possible through our flex order system. In addition, we have sufficient storage capacity to respond quickly to your requirements.

Yes: The minimum order quantity is usually 125 pieces per order.

So far, we have been able to cover all requests. Please feel free to contact us.

If a model is to be completely made, we can also do simple upholstery. The fabrics are then provided by the customer in each case.

For the finishing of solid wood parts, our paint shop has spray booths and drying ovens. The transparent or opaque water-based paint is mixed according to your color requirements. An infinite number of color shades can be realized through the use of stains. In addition, your product can also be oiled and/or waxed.

Gladly: We can also finish assembling solid wood moldings for you with other components made of molded wood, plastic, steel or aluminum. You only need to worry about distribution.

Upon request, we will pack your items in your cardboard boxes, label and palletize them for shipment or pickup.

Our materials

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