A good discussion is the beginning of a good cooperation
A good discussion is the beginning of a good cooperation

Becker Brakel

Our expertise is the deformation of wood and fleece

Becker Brakel is one of the most important manufacturers of moulded wood worldwide. International designers and manufacturers appreciate and make use of our great technological knowhow. Our customers profit from our long-term experience and sound advice when realising their ambitious moulded wood and Formfleece ideas.

Our production is order-related and designed for individual productions for our customers. We supply office, consumer goods and furniture industries as well as train manufacturers and the automotive industry.



Becker is a leader in the shaping of plywood components and formfleece. After 35 years, Dr. Ralf Becker has retired as Managing Partner on 31st December 2017. As an associate, he will of course continue to liaise with the company. As of 01st January 2018, the Managing Partners of the company being in fourth generation will be Gerrit Becker, Sales, and Mario Heiming, Technical Director.



Production Sites

The development and distribution center is at the headquarters in Brakel, Germany. 300 qualified employees manufacture premium mouldings made of wood and fleece. At the site in Gherla, Romania, 350 employees produce further plywood mouldings and components.


The entire workflow of the moulding technology

Due to our expertise, we were able to help many design classics to realise the use of forms and start the production phase. The entire production process lies in our own hands, the hands of our experienced professionals.

Our customers benefit from our extensive pool of pressing tools and the great capacity of our 90 presses. The latest CNC technology ensures efficient processes.


Performance Data

  • Own veneer production with two peeling lines
  • More than 100 flat, two-sided and three-sided presses
  • 18 CNC machining centres and a variety of special woodworking machines
  • paint line for surface finishing


  • Large development department with testing lab and seat simulator
  • advice by experienced specialists for moulded wood and Formfleece
  • Proved product development process
  • Professional project support


  • Member of the "Qualitätsgemeinschaft Holzwerkstoffe e.V."
  • It counts the quality-guideline of DIN 68707:2016-10
  • The application corporate integrated ERP-software with electronic control station
  • transparent manufactoring
  • air-conditioned production


The synergy of demanding design and sound experience


The fact that designs out of moulded wood or Formfleece require a well thought out and striking design as well as great technical skills has led to a remarkable synergy and cooperation between our customers, designers and our company.

We provide intensive consulting and a great deal of expertise in the creation of prototypes and encourage good designs out of moulded wood with all our means and possibilities.



Every two years, we offer designers the possibility to present their ideas at our stand at Interzum in Cologne. Interzum is the world's largest trade fair for suppliers to the furniture industry. It will take place again from 16th May to 19th May 2017. If you are a designer, you are welcome to participate with your idea. Send us a message and we will send an invitation.


Designer Meeting

It has become a good tradition to invite designers to Brakel at irregular intervals and inform them about the latest news on moulded wood and Formfleece. Becker provides interesting lectures with the latest experiences and expertise for the realisation of ambitious design ideas and material challenges. Participants also appreciate the informal interdisciplinary exchange with colleagues.


Design Students

We offer student groups guided tours of our production. Step by step you will get to know the process of wood or fleece deformation. During the subsequent discussion you will obtain the knowledge you need to successfully turn your ideas into moulding components.


Design Projects

We offer design colleges to accompany a project. During an interim presentation we provide useful advice from our experience. We also support the construction of presentation models with our material.


Product Development

We provide an expert counseling service and a large pool of about 1,300 pressing tools. Prototypes can be produced in a short time in our development department. For this purpose we provide a unique multi-use seat simulator. We use CAD programs to integrate your drawings into the production chain.



We work with research institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute Brunswick (WKI) or the universities of Göttingen, Dresden and Kassel. We regularly supervise bachelor and master theses.


The experience of 80 years

  • 1936

    Together with five timber wholesalers, Fritz Becker founds a plywood production in Brakel and stays CEO until 1956

  • 1937


    In a 2,100 m² hall, 120 employees produce plywood panels for furniture, rungs and workbenches

  • 1957


    Managing director Gerdt Becker takes over the company in the second generation.

  • 1967

    Becker includes the development of moulded wood components into its product line

  • 1974


    Sales Director Günter Schwarz turns the company into one of the leading manufacturers of moulded wood

  • 1978

    1978 joint venture with Davidson Plyforms in Grand Rapids, USA

  • 1983

    Dr. Ralf Becker joins the company as managing director

  • 1989

    Introduction of the first CNC technology

  • 1997

    Use of the latest peeling machine technology with electronic image processing

  • 2002

    Foundation of Becker-Romania S.R.L. in Gherla, Romania

  • 2007

    Market launch of BECKER incendur®, the flame-retardant moulded wood

  • 2007

    Inauguration of the new production hall (2,000 m²)

  • 2011

    Worldwide Design Contest "Becker Contest" on the occasion of the 75th anniversary

  • 2012

    Market launch of Becker Formfleece, mouldings made of polyester fibre-fleece

  • 2015

    Gerrit Becker enters the company in the fourth generation. 300 employees manufacture moulded wood components at the company’s 19,000 m² production site in Brakel

  • 2016

    Gerrit Becker (Marketing and Sales) and Mario Heiming (Technical Director since 2014) will be registered as associates. Thus a thorough transition within the management is ensured.

    In this context, the legal form of the company changes to "Fritz Becker GmbH & Co. KG, Formteile aus Holz"


We look forward to talking to you


We welcome anyone who asks questions, who can recombine things and responds quickly. We value commitment, flexibility and an active collaboration with colleagues. In order to achieve our corporate goals,

we need your alert mind and a great dose of passion. If you find no vacancies advertised here, you are welcome to send an unsolicited application.

Current Job

Abteilungsleiter (w/m) für die Formholzbearbeitung

Sie verfügen über einen guten Abschluss als Ingenieur der Holztechnik. Eine qualitativ anspruchsvolle und auftragsbezogene Fertigung ist Ihnen nicht fremd. Bei der täglichen Arbeit verbinden Sie  Führungsstärke mit hohem Organisationstalent. Selbständiges Arbeiten ist Ihnen eine Freude. Dabei sind Sie offen für neue Herausforderungen.

Sie erwartet ein nettes und unkompliziertes Team bei einer sehr abwechslungsreichen Tätigkeit. Unser großes Interesse ist es, Sie sorgfältig in unsere anspruchsvolle Materie einzuarbeiten. Ihr Gehalt ist leistungsorientiert. 

Wir freuen uns über Ihre Bewerbung z.Hd. unseres Geschäftsführers Dr. Ralf Becker

Abteilungsleiter (w/m) für die Formvliesproduktion

Sie verfügen über eine technische Ausbildung als Ingenieur mit gutem Abschluss. Es bereitet Ihnen Freude einen noch jungen, wachsenden Geschäftsbereich fertigungsseitig auszubauen. Sie verbinden Führungsstärke mit hohem Organisationstalent. Selbständiges Arbeiten ist Ihnen eine Freude. Dabei sind Sie offen für die Umsetzung innovativer Ideen.

Sie erwartet ein nettes und unkompliziertes Team bei einer sehr abwechslungsreichen Tätigkeit. Unser großes Interesse ist es, Sie sorgfältig in unsere anspruchsvolle Materie einzuarbeiten. Ihr Gehalt ist leistungsorientiert. 

Wir freuen uns über Ihre Bewerbung z.Hd. unseres Geschäftsführers Dr. Ralf Becker 


A perfect fundament for your work life


Industrial Clerk Apprenticeship

Are you interested in training to become an industrial clerk at Becker? If so, you should be able to express yourself well and also be good at spelling and mathematics. Communication is the be-all and end-all. Good manners and a friendly tone are the basis if you want to succeed in business. If you like working in a team, then you've come to the right place.
Please send your application for a commercial apprenticeship from August 2019 to:

Commercial Director
Stephan Grone




Wood Mechanic Apprenticeship

If you enjoy working with wood and are fond of handicrafts, we will train you to become a wood mechanic. You learn how to produce veneers and mouldings and how to operate complex computer-controlled machines.

If this sounds exciting, please send your application for training as a wood mechanic from August 2019 to:

Training Manager
Andreas Keiser





In some cases we can offer internships for students during or after their studies. If you are interested, please let us know the desired time frame in your application. To participate in our model workshop, design students need to have passed a technical training or a permission to operate machines.

If you study product or industrial design, please apply to:

Head of Development
Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Schelper

If you study wood technology or wood engineering, please apply to:

Head of Quality Management
Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Petersen