Exciting applications in furniture design.

Form fleece

Perfect formability, best dimensional stability, high stability and impact strength are fascinating prospects for new products and new applications. We are talking about molded parts made of polyester fiber fleece – in short: molded fleece. It is sound absorbent, has a temperature-independent warm surface and a pleasant felt feel.

In modern product design, the use of Becker Formvlies® offers fascinating opportunities for creative innovations. Becker has developed special pressing techniques for 3D forming and initiated a new trend.

Pleasant haptics and 3D deformability
Positive material properties of nonwoven

E1 Emission values of glue
Forming fleece allows strong three-dimensional deformation up to a certain stretch.
Proof of approval for bonding in accordance with DIN 6701
Due to the nonwoven structure with high air content, molded parts made of nonwoven are lightweight.
Proof of approval for bonding in accordance with DIN 6701
Form fleece is easy to combine with other materials.
Large-area molded fleece elements can significantly optimize room acoustics.
Privacy information for business partners
For wall and ceiling elements, we offer flame-retardant molded fleece in accordance with DIN EN 13501.
Business Partner Data Processing Notice
The food-safe properties of Formvlies have been certified by a testing institute.
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Depending on the color, molded fleece has very good to excellent lightfastness.
Langlebig & robust
Molded nonwoven parts are very robust against UV rays, microorganisms as well as insects and are also resistant to aging.
Vielfältige Anwendungen
Molded nonwoven can be used for a wide variety of products such as lights, chair shells, acoustic elements, drawer inserts, cable channels and much more.
Angenehme Haptik
Shaped fleece feels warm and looks attractive due to the melange look.
Wide variety of colors
Form fleece can be offered in virtually any color.

The universal genius for room separation, storage, product presentation and more!

We permanently keep more than 1500 rolls of nonwovens of different colors and grammages for the needs and products of our customers.

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The nonwoven mats are automatically cut from the respective roll according to the order.

Heating up

The nonwoven fabric is heated in our special ovens to thereby activate the bico fibers. In the molded part, they ensure that the fibers are connected to each other.


The heated nonwoven forming mat is inserted into the opened mold and then cooled under pressure. This gives the molded part its final shape.

Waterjet cutting

The CNC-controlled, precise cutting of the waterjet is performed by two robots working simultaneously. This enables a particularly resource-saving, economical approach. In addition, we offer other processing options.


We will be happy to glue your connecting fittings made of materials such as wood, plastic or metal onto the non-woven molded parts. They can then be easily connected to other components by screwing, plugging or Velcroing.

Fascination molded fleece
3D deformation in perfection

Pad Box Wood
Hersteller: Conmoto
Design: Werner Aisslinger
The coffee table molded fleece insert with additional storage space and charging option for the most important electronic helpers is cut into shape with a robotic waterjet cutting system.
LO Extend
Hersteller: Lista Office LO
Design: Greutmann Bolzern
Acoustically effective molded fleece workstation screen in various colors. Stability and acoustic effect are ensured by a sandwich construction.
Hersteller: Noti
Design: Tomek Rygalik
Sound absorbing and stable due to a special sandwich construction, which is not visible on the “ravioli” outer edge.
Crona felt
Hersteller: Brunner Group
Design: Archirivolto
Simple, shapely molded fleece shell chair in attractive colors. This is also suitable for object suitability.
Rossoacoustic Lighting PAD
Hersteller: Nimbus Group
Design: Inhouse
The room acoustically effective ceiling sail with LED lighting technology appears very slim. The sound absorption by nonwoven fabric doubled on top is not visible from below.
Vario PET Port
Hersteller: Vario Büro Einrichtungen
Design: Prof. Klaus Michel
The lightweight and stable molded fleece sandwich elements for workspaces can also be retrofitted. Their thickness here is optimized for sound absorption of the frequency range of speech.
Hersteller: USM
Design: Atelier oï
Soft-looking boxes made of molded fleece in four sizes. Interesting are the precisely placed punchings on the sides for mounting the steel sheet interior dividers.
Hersteller: Thonet
Design: Formstelle
A newly interpreted wing chair with thin molded fleece covering for the seat and backrest, which can be assembled in a very short time using special adhesive technology.

Things to know about molded fleece
Concentrated know-how for your products.

If you are as enthusiastic about Becker Formvlies® as we are and would like to know even more details, you can find more information here.

Formability of molded nonwoven parts

Compared with shaped wood, shaped fleece is less stable. When used as a chair shell, for example, structural support is required. Other applications are possible “unsupported”.

The compaction depends on the desired feel and strength and can be customized in each case. In most cases, a thickness of 6 mm is sufficient. If desired, the thickness can also vary within a component.

The ratio of polyester fibers and the special polyester melting fibers is variable, because this controls the strength and feel of the nonwoven. The less melt fiber, the softer the molded part feels and the more flexible it is.

Becker Formvlies® allows strong three-dimensional deformation. However, the fleece only allows a certain stretching, which must be determined in each individual case.

In normal use, e.g. in a residential environment, critical temperatures beyond the melting point of the fibers are not reached, so dimensional stability is maintained.

Shaped fleece and acoustics

The absorption coefficient a indicates the proportion of the total incident sound that is absorbed. a = 0 means there is no absorption, all incident sound is reflected (example: glass surface). At a = 0.5, 50 percent of the sound energy is absorbed and 50 percent is reflected. At a = 1, the incident sound is completely absorbed, there is no more reflection (example: open window).

In laboratory measurements, Becker Formvlies® achieves a sound absorption coefficient of a = 0.55 in the frequency range 100 – 5000 Hz. It is thus assigned to sound absorber class D according to DIN EN ISO 11654.
In practical use, however, molded fleece achieves a far better degree of absorption.

Molded nonwoven: color options

Yes, this is possible: on the one hand, fibers of different colors can be melanged together; on the other hand, for small batches, the fibers can also be dyed for uniform coloration (flock dyeing).

With a minimum order quantity of 1,000 kg, almost any color can be produced after prior sampling and approval.

Yes, they can be combined on top of each other, so that moldings on each side have a different color. Luminaires, for example, can be produced white inside and colored outside.

Yes, we offer a selection of standard colors, which are composed of different grammages and Bico fiber content.

Design possibilities with shaped fleece

Yes, logos are easy to emboss. Inserts are built into the molds for this purpose.

Yes: Structured inserts in the molds allow individual structures and attractive applications to be pressed in.

Yes, the fleece can be laminated with other fabrics. In addition, different nonwovens can also be bonded together over a wide area (sandwich).

No, because molded parts made of veneers are hot-pressed, while those made of fiber fleece are cold-pressed. Therefore, the two materials cannot be directly pressed together. However, the combination of wood and fleece can be realized by gluing.

Material properties molded nonwoven

These depend on the sizes of the presses: We can produce workpieces of 2800 x 1400 mm, 2200 x 1280 mm and of 1950 x 1450 mm.

Our molded nonwovens are rated 5 (= “Good”) according to DIN 53952. The best possible value is grade 8.

The ability to charge is very low in polyester fibers.

Molded fleece cannot be assigned to any fire resistance class as a general rule. Fire testing of the molded fleece component is always possible according to the required fire standard. If desired, fire resistance can be further increased by adding fire-retardant fibers.

The Becker Formvlies® complies with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, whose requirements clearly exceed existing national laws. Molded nonwovens thus belong to Class 4, as do, for example, curtains, tablecloths and upholstered furniture covers.

No, the material is odorless.

The pressed molding has an average weight of 400g /m² to 4000g/m².

Polyester is a very robust material and meets very high demands. Corresponding parts are also used in the automotive industry, for example, where several decades of service life are prescribed as a condition of use.

Depending on the synthetic fiber used, the nonwovens have better or poorer weather resistance. Fleece made of polyester fibers is conditionally suitable for outdoor use, if it is not exposed to constant weathering. To produce weather-resistant products, polyacrylic fibers are the most suitable.

Molded fleece and sustainability / environmental protection

The nonwovens we use all come from European production.

Formed parts made of nonwoven can be shredded at the end of their use, remelted and spun into new fibers.

Of course: nonwovens made from 100% recycled fibers can be used on request.

Yes: molded nonwoven products can be made from natural fibers such as hemp, kenaf or flax and can even be composted at the end of their life cycle.

Our materials

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