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News from the Becker world

Eames Office commissions Becker Brakel to produce the "Plywood Sculpture" by Charles ans Ray Eames

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Few of Charles and Ray Eames' groundbreaking experiments fused art and technology as perfectly as their iconic 1943 Molded Plywood Sculpture. Now the Eames Office, Los Angeles, has commissioned us to produce this work of art in a strictly limited edition. We are proud to have welcomed the grandson of the designers, Eames Demetrios, to Brakel for the series acceptance. The sculpture could only be produced using our unique pressing technology.

Eames Demetrios with the Eames Plywood Sculpture

The beech becomes Tree of the Year 2022

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For us, beech (Fagus sylvatica) is our most important raw material. We process about 11,000 solid cubic metres per year, which are sustainably harvested in our area, into our beautiful shaped and solid wood. Besides the furniture industry, its hard wood is also used in the construction, parquet and paper industries.

The copper beech is considered stable, heat-tolerant and climate resilient. It prefers a humid, warm climate, relatively mild winters and high precipitation. Due to the climate-related drought of recent years, however, it is now also showing signs of disease. This was the reason for the Dr. Silvius Wodarz Foundation to put the beech in the public eye as Tree of the Year 2022.

The beech trunk can grow up to 45 m high with a diameter of 150 cm and an age of up to 350 years! With a share of 16 percent, beech is the most common hardwood tree species in Germany. Its share is constantly growing because it plays a central role in forest conversion to mixed forests. By the way, right now in autumn the beech trees show an impressive colouring of the leaves. Enjoy a bit of "Indian Summer" on a nice walk in our forests!

You can also find out more about the amazing properties of beech and its great importance for the environment in our compendium



Concentrated knowledge on 416 pages about material, development and technologies

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The fourth edition of the Becker Compendium brings together the concentrated Becker knowledge in the processing of moulded wood and moulded fleece, completed by a chapter on the topic of solid wood. The reason: In 2020, the company opened a new plant for solid wood production at the Suceagu site in Romania and has since offered the possibility of a complete solution of components made of wood.

With 416 pages, the new Becker is even more comprehensive than its predecessors. In addition to the three working materials moulded wood, moulded fleece and solid wood, the history of moulded wood in furniture construction is presented. In addition, there are many illustrations of references that have become furniture classics. In addition, selected design partners report in interviews on their experiences with the materials and their collaboration with Becker.

You can order the BECKER free of charge here.

Insights into the book:

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Here you will find exciting information about our 10th Becker Design Forum and other interesting topics.

Perfection takes shape - 10th Becker Design-Forum

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We are presenting ten particularly exciting designs at Interzum@home, the world's largest furniture supply fair, which takes place online from 4 to 7 May.  You can view the 10 selected models here.

interzum@home - We will be there from 04th to 07th May and look forward to talking to you.

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The interzum@home, the world's largest supplier fair for the furniture industry, offers you the opportunity to talk to us about our new products from 04th to 07th May. Be curious about the fresh designs of the designers who participated in our 10th Becker Design Forum. We also invite you to take a digital tour of the company and present our compendium "Sharing Knowledge", hot off the press, about our material triad of shaped wood, solid wood and shaped fleece. We will send you an admission ticket voucher in time for the fair and look forward to talking to you!

Motto 2021

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Doesn't that apply to all of us: "Close to the customer!"? Especially in times of the pandemic, it is important that we not only maintain contact with our customers, but that we continue to expand it. Because only together can we be successful in product development, production and sales. We are happy to be at your disposal at any time with the know-how of our team in the areas of shaped wood, shaped fleece and solid wood: "Close to the product - Close to success!"

Thank you and greetings

Gerrit Becker

Securing sustainable forest management

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Since the beginning of 2020 we have been producing high-quality solid wood components in Romania as a system supplier. We are pleased that we have now been FSC  (FSC-C159243) certified. This guarantees that the wood for our solid wood production comes from sustainably managed forests.

The new production plant (Image: Becker Solid Wood & Service)

ZOW 2020 in focus: Solid wood components

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The ZOW 2020 exhibition was a great success for us. Only interested trade visitors attended and the interest in our products was enormous. In addition to shaped wood and shaped fleece, we showed new solid wood components from the production started at the beginning of the year.

ZOW Becker Brakel booth Image: Becker Brakel

From one source

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2020 we start with a big novelty for you: We complete our offer. From this year on we offer you for the first time the complete solution of wooden components. You know us as competent specialists with a high know-how in the forming of wood or fleece. We are now consistently extending this many years of production experience with the processing of solid wood.  

The advantage is entirely on your side: You can now order the complete production of solid wood products from us as well as, of course, our moulded wood or moulded fleece components. 

In order to be able to offer you everything from a single source, we have invested heavily. At our location near Cluj-Napoca, the second largest city in Romania, we have built a completely new 2,500 sqm production facility. Managing director is Dr. Marius Giurgiu, a proven solid wood expert. 

Product examples for solid wood are ready-to-install furniture components such as chair or table legs in all conceivable cross-sections, frames, furniture feet, armrests, also in combination with other materials made of plywood, plastic or metal. 

As before, our customer advisors in Brakel and our international sales partners are available for advice and development. 

We look forward to implementing your ideas in solid wood with you!

The managing directors Dr. Marius Giurgiu (left) and Gerrit Becker in front of the new hall.

Formaldehyde emission limit is significantly undercut with new measuring method

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The requirements of the new measurement method for formaldehyde emissions in interiors made of wood-based materials, which will come into force at the beginning of 2020, are optimally met by Becker-Sperrholz. This is confirmed by a certificate issued by the Materialprüfungsanstalt Brandenburg in Eberswalde. The formaldehyde concentration according to EN 717-1 is multiplied by a factor of 2 and clearly falls below the limit value of 0.1 ppm.

You are welcome to request the certificate through one of our customer advisors.

Increasing energy efficiency

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We have raised our proven energy management system to a new level. Investments have been made in a number of areas: new compressors in a central vacuum station for securing moulded parts onto our CNC jigs, in the consumption-reducing control of the extraction system and in efficient LED lighting of the production halls. 

Now our measures have been rewarded by the successful certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2008.

More talks than ever - Interzum 2019-

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Many thanks to all the guests we were able to welcome at our stand at Interzum in May 2019 in Cologne! The great response from customers and designers shows how important innovative solutions and suggestions are for product development.

Three big topics therefore determined our exibition presentation: 

  • The 9th Becker Design Forum with the presentation of 10 prototypes of international designers, which we realized in our model work shop. They are documented in our 17th Becker Brief with many other designs.
  • The new process "Becker formplus" for further three-dimensional forming of visible wood mouldings. 
  • New applications for moulded nonwovens including wool as a sustainable material.

Contact us to find out more about the exciting news! You have the idea and we the realization.

Becker Design-Forum 2019 Image: Becker Brakel

From the luminaire to the chair: great variety of ideas at the 9th Becker Design Forum

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The response is still huge: 126 designers from all over the world have submitted more than 190 designs to the 9th Becker Design Forum. The moulded wood specialist Becker from Brakel in Germany will present ten of the most exciting designs in the form of prototypes at the world's largest furniture supplier fair "interzum" from 21 to 24 May in Cologne.

"We are particularly pleased that there are so many newcomers among the participants this year," declares Gerrit Becker, Managing Partner at Becker.

"Our aim is to offer designers a platform for their ideas and to bring them into contact with interested manufacturers. At the same time, we want to draw attention to the wide range of applications of our materials: moulded wood and Formfleece".

Formfleece from Becker consists of a special polyester fleece blend which, like moulded wood, is easy to form, stable, durable and also sound-absorbing.

"Sometimes we ask ourselves: Can you always reinvent the subject of chairs? And then we look at the entries to the new Design Forum and see: Yes, you can! The creativity of our design partners has no limits," says Joachim Schelper, head of development. The combination of moulded wood and the new material Formfleece makes the designs even more diverse: they range from acoustic panels, storage systems and shelves to sound-absorbing luminaires and tables. And of course chairs in all variations. Even a wheelchair, a bicycle saddle and a baby cot are among the entries.

Here you can order the Becker Brief 17

Critical look: Managing partner Gerrit Becker (right) and development manager Joachim Schelper check whether the prototype of the Delphin-Design chair matches the model. Photo: Frank Springer

Dr. Ralf Becker awarded with Wilhelm Klauditz Medal

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Dr. Ralf Becker has now been awarded the rarely presented Wilhelm Klauditz Medal for his commitment to wood research. This is an award that is presented to outstanding personalities at irregular intervals. The medal was presented by Professor Dr.-Ing. Bohumil Kasal, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research, Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut WKI. It is one of the most important research institutions for applied wood research in Europe.

Honour for honorary commitment: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bohumil Kasal (right) Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research, presents the medal to Dr. Ralf Becker (2nd from left) in the presence of his successor Dipl.-Ing. Kai Greten (1st from left) and Dr. Raoul Klingners, Director Research of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Photo: iVTH

All you need to know about Formfleece

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This book is a must-have for anyone involved in furniture design: The new Becker Formfleece Compendium.

"We at Becker are enthusiastic about the extraordinary properties of the material and fascinated by the design and application possibilities that Formfleece has to offer. With this compendium we would like to inspire developers, designers, design students and manufacturers all over the world and inform them about the extraordinary possibilities of the material. True to our motto 'Sharing knowledge', we want to create a win-win situation for everyone involved, just like with our moulded wood compendium," explains Gerrit Becker. The managing partner took over the management of the company from his father Dr. Ralf Becker at the beginning of 2018.

Formfleece consists of polyester fibre fleece and is characterised by optimum formability, very good stability and impact strength. In addition, there is a pleasant felt feel and the ability to absorb sound, which makes it ideal for use in open-plan offices, restaurants, concert halls and many other areas.

The compendium explains on 88 pages in detail how Formfleece is made, which advantages the material has and how they can be used to improve room acoustics. It describes the steps from the design idea through prototype development to series production in the factory and provides interesting insights into the production. In the chapter "World of Formfleece", numerous examples of new products made of Formfleece are shown, for example seating furniture, lamps, acoustic elements, drawer inserts and partition walls for the office.

Interviews with renowned international designers who report on their experiences with Formfleece complete the book. These include Werner Aisslinger from Studio Aisslinger in Berlin, Armand Louis, Patrick Reymond and Aurel Aebi from atelier oi in La Neuveville in Switzerland, Claudia Kleine and Jörg Kürschner from formstelle in Munich, Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub from jehs + laub in Stuttgart and Tomek Rygalik from Warsaw.

"It took us almost a year to design and produce the Formfleece Compendium," says development manager Joachim Schelper. "Now we hope that it will be met with just as much interest as our moulded wood compendium, which is now on the shelves of almost every furniture designer".

Please order here.

Photography: Frank Springer

Our motto for 2019/2020: "Becker Digital 2020".

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Industry 4.0 or digitisation are initially just catchwords that we as an industrial company with a high vertical range of manufacture have to deal with in particular. 

We can only secure the company in the long term by constantly optimising operational procedures and external processes in close cooperation with our suppliers and customers. 

We accept the challenges of the market and will therefore implement new digital solutions with innovative, cloud-based ERP software over the next two years. It will make us more transparent, faster and more efficient for the future.

The "Digitalization at Becker" project has great implications and will affect all departments and all employees. As a team, we are well equipped.

Many ideas for the 9th Becker Design Forum received

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We received over 150 suggestions from 126 designers from all over the world for our 9th Design Forum. We are very happy about it. We will realize some models as prototypes and present them on our booth. The exhibition INTERZUM will take place from 21 to 24 May in Cologne. We will exhibit in hall 5.2 aisle F 010.

Be curious about the great ideas.

More capacity - more possibilities

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World's largest 3-sided press for shaped wood put into operation

The press table alone has an enormous depth of 1400 mm, allowing the pressing of extremely large shaped wood components. The impressive clamping force of 600 t, which is equivalent to the weight of approx. 55 buses, guarantees optimum compaction of the material. All press parameters such as temperature, pressure and movement profiles of the press cylinders are stored article-related and are recalled for the next job. This enables us to achieve a high level of process reliability. We are looking forward to new design challenges, which we can solve with this press technology. The first orders have already successfully gone into the serial production on the press.

The new press is running. Image: Becker Brakel

Formfleece moves into cabinets!

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The newly designed ZOW 2018 was a great success for us. All visitors were interested trade professionals and our products got a lot of attention. Among other things, we showed trays made of shaped wood, which were very well received by representatives of international self-service restaurants. Our new Formfleece inserts for drawers for stowing cutlery, kitchen utensils or jewellery in the bedroom attracted a great deal of attention from international cabinet manufacturers, too.

There was also a great demand for acoustic solutions in the office that shield individual workplaces from noise or ceiling elements which improve the overall acoustics in the room, making it quieter overall. Both can be perfectly implemented with Formfleece.

The suppliers’ fair for furniture industry and interior design ZOW in Bad Salzuflen took place for the first time this year under the direction of the Koelnmesse. A total of 171 exhibitors from 16 countries presented themselves on 11,000 sqm of exhibition space. We really liked the new concept with the workshop character, because this puts the focus on the products. In addition, the fair does not cost any entry for visitors. We will be back in two years!

Gerrit Becker Image: Westfalenblatt
Formfleece for kitchen Image: Becker Brakel
Orga-system Design: Jan-Dirk Sinning Image: Becker Brakel
Formfleece prototype for jewellery Image: Becker Brakel